Jaipur, India: Textile, Art & Design Lab

What's Included?

  • 12 days in Jaipur India at Hotel Diggi Palace [based on double occupancy] *Rooms are shared with one other guest.

  • All workshop fees and supplies

  • All breakfasts

  • All lunches

  • All dinners

  • All tips for drivers, land agents, sites and helpers

  • Airport pickup and drop-off for arrival and return flight [Flight not included in price.]

  • Illustrated Map and Travel Guide to Jaipur

  • Three course credits may be offered depending on your school or if your course is approved for credit.

Sign up as a Student or Artist in Residence* Both groups will participate in the same program with options to work on group projects, instructed assignments, and self directed work/designs.

Course Outline


India is known for handcrafts and textiles. Jaipur is an artisanal capital of the world, where ancient techniques live on through communities of makers. Engage in ancient art forms alongside contemporary masters. Visit multiple studios and meet various experts in the field, understanding a broad historical and craft context of the textile arts of India. Engage your design skills with color, pattern and textural design. Study contemporary and traditional methods of textile art and design craft. Return home with various designs and textiles, and broadened perspective.

Compose textile designs.

Experiment with natural dye.

Experiment with block printing.

Design mud resist indigo dye patterns.

Practice embroidery techniques.

Skills Acquired:

  • Understanding of how to design a repeating pattern

  • Understanding of woodblock carving process

  • Knowledge of sustainable fiber and fabric techniques, including dying, printing and finishing

  • Advanced understanding of the traditional art form of woodblock printing


Courses for India 2019 encourage documentation of your experience. Recording the environment can be in a variety of formats, from creative writing, sketching, drawing/ painting, and watercolor, to photography, video and film. Faculty will work with you within this to focus your response and expand upon your skills and techniques. Communal dinners and cultural presentations will synthesize the experience.

submission deadline:

10 oct 2019

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