Performing Arts residencies

These residencies last between one and four weeks and are dedicated to creative projects in the fields of theater, dance, contemporary circus and street art. Some of the projects hosted are co-produced. The creative teams are accommodated on site and technically assisted.

Meetings with the public and the professional community are organized during the rehearsal period or at the end of the residency (presentation of work stages, mediation actions with disabled people, animations, debates, workshops, conferences, performances…).

Period, duration of the residency and working time

neimënster welcomes residencies in the field of live performance for a period of one to four weeks.

The residency is planned for a maximum period without requiring a continuous presence. However, a schedule of attendance must be drawn up prior to entering the residency. Any modification of date or duration must be agreed upon between the artists and neimënster.

No condition of nationality is applicable, but the artists are solely responsible for the administrative formalities allowing them to reside and work on Luxembourg territory.

Human resources, material and financial conditions

neimënster commits itself to designate a contact person, assigned to the smooth running of the residency.
The know-how of the neimënster team made available to the project is specified in the residency contract. These residencies include the provision of individual accommodation, workspaces, and a performance room equipped with sound and light (technical specifications available on request) as well as a creation allowance established after studying the application file.
Residents can be accompanied, upon request. Baby cots are also available. Pets are not allowed in the building and smoking is not allowed on the premises. Travel from home to the residence, intramural travel and meals are at the expense of the artists.


The premises provided free of charge by neimënster to the artist are subject to an inventory of fixtures at the beginning and end of the residency in the artist’s attendance.

Each studio (from 30 to 45m2) has a double bed, a fully equipped kitchenette (refrigerator, hotplates, coffee machine, pots and pans and basic dishes, dishwasher and microwave – kettle on request) and a bathroom. Sheets, blankets and towels are provided.

Each resident is responsible for the maintenance of his or her studio.

Large capacity washers and dryers are available in the building. Tokens are available at the reception desk.

Legal framework

A residency contract specifying the respective commitments of neimënster and the resident artist is signed before the beginning of the residency.
Each resident must take out their own insurance policy covering his/her personal belongings, their work, and any damage they may cause on the residency site. Likewise, the resident must have health coverage.

Ownership of the works

The artist retains the moral rights and ownership of the works produced during the residency but assigns to the artist the right to use the works.

The artists keep the moral rights and the property of the creations made during the residency, but cede free of charge to neimënster and to the partners of the residency the rights of diffusion of extracts, for non-commercial exploitation, within the framework of pedagogical or cultural activities and for the valorization of the residency. The artists also commit themselves to providing the textual and visual contents linked to their creation at the date fixed by the residency agreement.
In the case of co-production, a specific contract will be established with the company or the artist and the associated partners.

Residency report

At the end of the residency, the artist and neimënster will draw up a shared report on the progress of the residency. This will include a qualitative and quantitative report, as well as a detailed financial report.

Application file

The elements to provide are :

  • Name, first name of the person in charge of the application / name of the company / contact information
  • A letter of intent presenting the project envisaged in neimënster
  • Artistic file of creation, accompanied by a budget and technical elements to consider
  • CV of the artist or company

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